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August 4, 2021: Information on entry restrictions, testing and quarantine regulations in Estonia

Travel advice Estonia

Who can enter and how?

We welcome you with no restrictions from any place of the world if you are recovered or vaccinated. Entry to Estonia cannot be earlier than obtaining maximum protection depending on your vaccine type (7 or 14 days after the second dose etc). Also no restrictions apply in the case of TRANSIT, i.e. passing through the territory of the Republic of Estonia. Otherwise – depending on the infection rate of the country, testing and isolation rules apply. NB! IF YOU ARE:


Fully vaccinated no more than 12 months ago OR recovered + one dose of vaccine no more than 12 months ago OR no more than 180 days since diagnosis – NO TESTING, NO ISOLATION.

NOT vaccinated / recovered – coming from OUTSIDE Europe

About needed documents

Vaccination certificate. People who have been vaccinated while abroad can prove their vaccination by presenting an immunization passport, its copy, or a relevant certificate, that contains, in Latin or Slavic alphabet and in Estonian, Russian or English, among other things, the data of the person immunized, e.g. the disease against which the immunization was done, the date of the immunization, the immunization agent that was used, its lot number, the dosage administered, how many doses have been administered to the person, and the name and other data of the provider of the immunization. The proof can also be an officially certified printout from a database of another country.

Traveller’s questionnaire. All passengers arriving in Estonia by plane (including children for whom the data is provided by their parent) must fill in the traveller’s questionnaire before arriving in Estonia. You can do this up to three days before arriving in Estonia. The border guard or the airline may ask for confirmation of the border crossing declaration sent by e-mail either electronically or on paper. Those arriving by ship, bus, car or train are obliged to fill in the traveller’s questionnaire when arriving from a country marked in red in the table.


General rules

PCR up to 72 or antigen RDT test up to 48 hours before arrival and/or immediately after crossing the border. Isolation up to 10 days, can be shortened by testing. Second test (PCR) no earlier than on the sixth day after the first test.


Travelling with vaccinated/recovered adult: no isolation and testing for children UNDER 12. Please check the rules for children 12–18:

One-day visitors

If vaccinated/recovered, welcome! If not, you can visit Estonia for up to 24 hours without self-isolation with just one PCR test up to 72 or an antigen RDT test 48 hours before arrival – only from Europe and Annex 1 countries.

From August 2: mask is mandatory in public transport (not for children under 12); from August 9: vaccination/recovery certificate or rapid test if inside above 50, outside above 100 people (not in supermarkets)

Getting sick

When visiting as a part of a group, your group leader is responsible for giving the guidelines. Visiting individually, you can buy a rapid test from a pharmacy or get a PCR-test. Symptoms of COVID-19 and difference from flu or cold:

Before going home

To complete successfully your whole trip and have a smooth way back home, please check the requirements of your airline and in your country. You can self-generate a free-of-charge test certificate suitable for travel.

NB! Information published by the Estonian Tourist Board (Visit Estonia) regarding COVID-19 restrictions rely on information disclosed by official government organisations. Any data presented on Visit Estonia’s website is informative only – i.e. without juridical foundation, and should be viewed as such. Please keep in mind, that governmental authorities may change the conditions for entering and staying in the country with a short period of notice. Estonian Tourist Board does not take responsibility for your decisions to travel or to cancel a trip – neither for any other decisions you make based on the information presented on our website nor the possible consequences resulting. We recommend you to make yourself familiar with all the travel-related restrictions, including the ones related to specific transport connections, services to be consumed etc. In case you notice some contradictory or outdated information on this website, please be kind and inform us by writing to

Travel advice Estonia

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August 4, 2021: Information on entry restrictions, testing and quarantine regulations in Latvia

Travel advice Latvia

Currently, the cases of Covid-19 in Latvia are dropping and the government is gradually easing restrictions. It also affects travellers and Latvia is opening up to tourists.

Vaccinated people and former Covid-19 patients are able to travel without restrictions: there will be no testing before boarding the vehicle, no testing upon entry, and self-isolation requirements will be waived (restrictions still apply to people vaccinated or having overcome Covid-19 if they travel from particularly high-risk countries).

The ban on non-essential travel to Latvia, the requirement to perform a test before and after the trip, as well as the requirement for self-isolation for vaccinated and recovered remain only when traveling from countries with a particularly high risk to public health (Emergency brake regulation).

Non-Covid-19 certified (non-vaccinated, non-recovered, without negative test result) individuals are allowed non-essential travel from the EU, EEA, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and low-risk third countries, but non-vaccinated people must be tested before travel and self-isolate upon arrival. When returning from high-risk third countries, those individuals must additionally undergo a test upon arrival in Latvia. More information is available at, as well as website.

Travel advice Latvia

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August 4, 2021: Information on entry restrictions, testing and quarantine regulations in Lithuania

Travel advice Lithuania

As all touristic attractions are open in Lithuania, you can explore the country easily and only with minimal restrictions – the main ones are displayed in our answers below.

Entry requirements are based on ECDC guidelines and are marked in different colours (green, orange, red, dark red and grey). For more details view here


Requirements by area color can be seen in the chart below.

Third countries (non-European Economic Area countries) that are not included in the ECDC maps are classified as grey area countries. Arrival for not vaccinated/recovered tourists is permitted from countries on the list here.

Travel advice Lithuania

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