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Stay posted – and find the latest travel news Argentina in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba, Ushuaia and the rest of Argentina.  Useful travel updates for agents who need to book hotels, airlines, accommodation and events in Argentina. 
We publish amazing travel facts, some Argentina recipes, Where in the world,  event ideas Argentina, MICE news and shows and festivals.

argentina travel news

Latest travel news Argentina …

The latest 12 “travel news posts” for you. Find new hotels in Argentina, the latest Qantas airline news, other new flight connections in Argentina, restaurants, cruises and activities. 

argentina travel news


Capital Buenos Aires




Useful facts

Currency Peso or dollar
Language Spanish
Local time GMT (London) – 3.00hours
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Capital Buenos Aires


Hotel news Argentina

The latest Argentina hotel news – find out what new hotels are opening in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Salta, Ushuaia and other great cities in Argentina.

Travel news Argentina : cruise

In Argentina the cruise industry is very active, ranging from expedition style cruise lines and mid-range ships, to mega ships and up-scale lines.

Travel news Argentina – More featured events

Argentina is huge. We have many great cities to hold and organise events. Buenos Aires,Rosario, Mendoza,La Plata, San Miguel de Tucumán, Mar del Plata, Salta, Ushuaia and San Salvador de Jujuy, are perfect settings for events. Sporting events are big too: Open tennis, Pato, rugby, football, marathons, Argentine Open Polo Tournament, volleyball, boxing, basketball, hockey etc.

Restaurant news Argentina

Known for its fabulous food, there are many restaurants in Argentina which feature fine dining. Do try out the amazing steaks – a fantastic meal out for sure!

Activities Argentina

There are so many exciting activities in Argentina. From stunning Buenos Aires,  the Plaza de Mayo, its tango, to activities in the Mendoza, wine country – to climbing glaciers in Ushuaia –  the list is endless.

Highlights in Argentina

What is not to like about Argentina? This vast country has so much to offer to its visitors, from the top of the country, all the way down to its most southern tip.

Here are a few highlights Argentina to share

Buenos Aires

Argentina’s most vibrant cities with the tango beating the drum of its heart.  Visits to San Telmo and La Boca, Recoleta and Plaza de Mayon, are must-do’s, as its its famous cemetery with Evita Perron. Shops, galleries and restaurants, you can simply not be bored in beautiful Buenos Aires

The Lake District

Lakeside Bariloche, surrounded by the peaks of Cerros Catedral peaks,  is a brilliant base for hiking and driving. Not only that, there is an a thermal spa town – Cophahue and artisan chocolate shops.

Glacier National Park & Torres del Paine

Don’t miss the famous glacier Perito Moreno, whose 5km wide, 60m ice walls move up to 2m a day! The area is also hiking heaven. Climb these amazing icy glaciers, fortified a glass of whisky (or as a reward).

Salta & Jujuy

Culture and vineyards, a perfect combination and it makes for stunning scenery. Salta is a colonial jewel known for folk music and from here you can take the ‘Train to the Clouds’ climbing to 4,200m.


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