New Year 2022

December 31, 2021 – 22 Stunning Places To Celebrate The Arrival Of New Year

New Year is definitely one of the main events when everyone is excited to welcome the arrival of new year with their closed ones. Whether its welcoming New Year with a glass of champagne, countdown party or an intimate dinner, everyone plans something special to ring the arrival of New Year. There are many best places to celebrate New Year in the world that hosts crazy parties and events to engage people and celebrate the arrival of New Year. Nothing can be more special than celebrating New Year with your closed ones amidst a fancy setting, so if you haven’t planned anything yet, give this blog a quick read to know about the fancy places to go on New Year in the world.

New Year 2022: 22 Stunning Places To Celebrate The Arrival Of New Year

Enjoy a memorable New Year’s Eve at these best places to celebrate New Year in the world and have the best time of your life.

1. Sydney, Australia

One of the best New Year destinations, Sydney offers a delightful experience to anyone who is longing for a thrilling night out on New Year’s Eve. The mesmerizing fireworks over the Sydney Harbor looks absolutely enchanting and are worth-capturing. One can also witness the massive fireworks by booking a luxurious Coast Harbor Cruises that offer an unforgettable 1-hour experience with drinks, fancy food and stunning fireworks at Sydney’s most iconic location, the Sydney Harbor. If not the cruise, you can book a fancy dinner at any of the waterfront restaurants and celebrate the New Year eve with all the pomp and show.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the most intriguing places to go on New Year is Las Vegas in Nevada. Just think what would be an ambience of this place on New Year when it is so enchanting even on the normal days. One of the best-known party destinations in the world, Las Vegas comes to life on New Year’s Eve with its lively casinos, nightclubs, hotel events, crazy fireworks and a lot more. Visit the Las Vegas strip where the crowd gets crazy and massive New Year celebration takes place. Gold Diggers, Lavo Casino Club, Drai’s Nightclub, Club 101, Omnia are some of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas to witness the best New Year parties in 2022.

3. Miami, United States

Miami is one of the well-known party destinations in the world and the mesmerizing beauty of this place adds more charm to New Year celebrations. If you are thinking about where to go for New Year, then the best answer would be Miami. The beaches in Miami are all lively and offers crazy parties to help you welcome New Year in style. Witness the spectacular free fireworks in South Beach and Bayfront Park in Miami Downtown. Enjoy a fancy dinner while indulging in New Year festivities at the Wharf Miami which is located along the Miami River. For a lavish and out of the box New Year festivities, book a yacht at the Biscayne Bay to enjoy a thrilling DJ night, top-notch hospitality, exotic variety of drinks and a lot more.

4. Venice, Italy

Looking for the best place to spend New Year’s Eve in Venice, we have got you covered. Venice with its postcard-perfect canals and stupendous architecture lures many tourists for a vacation here. Spectacular parties are held here on New Year’s Eve for the entertainment of the people. Witness the Italy-style New Year celebration which starts from a lavish dinner and nothing can beat a true Venetian style dinner retreat on a boat with picturesque views. La Fenice Opera House is another place in Venice to witness a sweet and simple New Year celebration in the form of concerts. People who fancy art and theatre would love to celebrate here. The Big Party at the St Mark’s Square, one of the best New Year parties in the world is another great spot where a lot of people gather at midnight to welcome the arrival of New Year. Singers and artists perform here and the massive fireworks also takes place at sharp 12:00 am.

5. Dubai, UAE

As the clock strikes 12, many of the spots in Dubai display magnificent display of fireworks which is just so satisfying to watch. The fancy shows at the Burj Khalifa and the live water-music at the Dubai Fountain. Many people gather at the waterfront of Dubai Fountain to witness the best New Year celebration in the world to witness the astonishing display of light and sound at the Burj Khalifa and the light and water show at the Dubai Fountain. You can also book a table at any of the restaurants dotted on the waterfront area to feast on delectable feast and enjoy the breathtaking views at the same time. In order to get the uninterrupted views of Downtown fireworks, head to Burj Plaza and book a table here to relish dinner at the same time.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Get enchanted by the lively and vibrant ambience of the city of Cape Town by booking flights to South Africa. V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is one of the best places to ring in New Year. The live band, eateries, carnival characters and a lot more adds to the beauty of this area brimmed with madding crowd all set to ring in the arrival of New Year. From carnival-themed performances to boat cruises and stellar shows to lavish dinners, Cape Town is the best New Year destination in South Africa. Catch the best fireworks from the Table Mountain or Signal Hill if you want to avoid crowds.

7. New York, United States

Nothing can beat the New Year celebrations at the New York’s most iconic location which is Times Square Ball Drop. Lakhs of people gather here to witness the stupendous Waterfront Crystal Ball drop at midnight on the massive screens fitted all over the square. New York also fascinates people by its mesmerizing fireworks at the Central Park and New York Harbor. New York is definitely the best place to celebrate New Year in the world as it offers great unlimited options for the Eve’s celebrations. You can also take a luxury dinner cruise on a yacht at the Staten Island and sip in a glass of cocktail while enjoying the most picturesque views. Dance on the latest beats at any of New York’s bar or club or book a table at rooftop restaurant to witness massive fireworks.

8. Paris, France

One of the best places in the world for New Year especially for couples is Paris where the spectacular fireworks take place at the Eiffel Tower making the whole aura very romantic and perfect to enter the near year with your partner. Count down for the arrival of New Year at the most iconic location in Paris called the Champs-Elysées where thousands of local people gather to celebrate the arrival of the New Year together. Cabaret shows are very popular in Paris and what could be a better occasion to witness them than a New Year? Head to Moulin Rouge and witness a breathtaking performance by different artists, musicians and vocalists. If clubbing is your game on New Year’s Eve, then head to Rex Club which is one of the most striking places to party all night on the New Year Day. All these things to do in Paris makes it one of the best places to celebrate New Year 2022.

9. Goa, India

Known as the party destination of India, Goa is one of the best places to celebrate New Year. With stunning beach parties, clubs, casinos and varied New Year events, Goa is just the right choice if you are looking for a budget yet exciting night on New Year. If you are searching for where to celebrate New Year 2022, then Goa should be an ideal location which will host events and parties with limited seating capacity. From intimate parties for couples to the ones with madding crowds, Goa is brimmed with all things beautiful and thrilling on New Year’s Eve. The beaches in Goa come to life with bonfire and barbecue being served, crazy parties and breathtaking fireworks. Cruise party is a real thing in Goa and you can book one for yourself to witness the most spectacular Goa celebrations.

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is world famous for its Copacabana Beach Party which makes Rio one of the best places in the world for New Year celebration. The beach receives around 20 lakhs people on the New Year’s Eve, all gathered together to witness the grand celebration and ring the arrival of New Year together.  After the fireworks, it is mandatory for people to jump seven waves and make seven wishes. People also offer flowers and floating candles to Goddess Iemanjá and make wishes for the New Year. You can also book any of the beachfront restaurant’s terrace area to enjoy al fresca dining while enjoying the jaw-dropping fireworks.

11. Bangkok, Thailand

One of the best places to travel to for New Year is Bangkok where the Central World Square is the highlight of the city on the main Eve when various people gather together to celebrate the arrival of New Year. Fascinating fireworks that place here and the square is dotted with various bars and clubs that come to life as soon as the clock strikes 12. Another enchanting thing to do in Bangkok is to take a lavish dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River where you can relish international and Thai buffet along with exotic drinks and seafood. Witness the intriguing skyline and the fireworks for a soul-satisfying new year experience. Bangkok hosts some of the best new year parties in the world like Meta Music Festival, White Party, Glitter & Glam and Beam NYE. Various rooftop dining venues like Sky Bar at Lebua, Octave Rooftop Bar – Marriott at Hotel Sukhumvit and Sirocco can also be booked to enjoy a spectacular New Year bash.

12. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a stunning destination to ring the New Year bells as you can enjoy best parties at public squares in Amsterdam like Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt and Rembrandtplein. The best part about these squares is that they are free and one can enjoy new year celebrations with gusto. Beer tents can also be spotted with live entertainment. Amsterdam is one of the best places to go for New Year’s Eve with family as there are ample of sophisticated parties that takes place here. For a little out of the box experience, head to Amstel River and run into the chilly water of the river to welcome the arrival of New Year with thousands of other people. Amsterdam Light Festival is another happening event that takes place every year from December to January with canals and roads all illuminated with fairy lights, making the whole ambience extremely enchanting.

13. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a stunning destination to welcome New Year in style where one can witness one of the best fireworks from spots like Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. If you like to avoid too much crowded places, then head to Petrin Hill or Charles Bridge to witness the spectacular views. Partying while cruising is another great option to celebrate New Year in Prague. Jazz cruise, boat party, dinner cruise etc. are some of the options available. One of the best places to go on New Year in central Europe is Prague in Czech Republic.

14. Madrid, Spain

A city which is world-renowned for its parties goes crazy especially on the New Year’s Eve. If you are searching for where to go for New Year celebrations then we would be definitely recommend Madrid to you. One unique tradition which you would find here in Madrid is eating 12 grapes sharp at 12:00 am marking the arrival of New Year. Feasting on a scrumptious dinner is another way of celebrating New Year in Madrid, the traditional dinner here usually consists of lamb or seafood. Royal Palace is another hotspot for New Year celebrations in Madrid. Witness a great countdown party at Puerta del Sol with a huge variety of drinks and food.

15. Vancouver, Canada

Another happening New Year destination is Vancouver in Canada which comes to life on the main Eve of New Year. The best way to celebrate New Year in Vancouver is by booking a cruise and party all night with great music, drinks, fireworks and a lot more. Canada Place and Vancouver Convention Center are the two main hotspots in Vancouver to celebrate New Year. Various annual events also take place here, so people can explore different places and enjoy eclectic parties on New Year’s Eve.

16. London, England

One of the best places to go on New Year in the world is London where the celebration of New Year’s Eve takes place on a grand scale. Thames river with stunning backdrop of the New Year fireworks make for the most picturesque view. One needs to pay to watch the fireworks from the main staging area while free views can be admired from spots like Alexandra Palace, Primrose Hill and Greenwich Park. A dine-in option at London Skybar is also a great option to celebrate New Year in London where one can also indulge in a thrilling champagne party while admiring the stunning views from the top. Entering into New Year with a fascinating countdown party can be witnessed at the Big Ben, the iconic monument in London.

17. Vienna, Austria

Looking for best places in the world to celebrate New Year 2022? Get your tickets booked for a fancy gala dinner in Vienna to welcome the arrival in New Year in the best possible way. Also known as Silvester, New Year’s Eve in Austria is celebrated with great enthusiasm and Silvesterpfad is the major highlight of the city as it is a series of events and shows that takes place on the New Year’s Eve. If wandering through the lit markets fascinate you, then Silvesterdorf and Neujahrmarkt are two good options which become lively during the Christmas and New Year time in Vienna.

18. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is one of the best New Year destinations that offers a great party experience to all the enthusiastic souls. There are various resorts and other party destinations in Hawaii that throw grand New Year bash. One crazy thing that happens only in Hawaii is the dropping of objects like a pineapple drop which is quite famous amongst the local people here. Hawaii also offers opportunities to celebrate New Year 2022 on the scenic beaches or on a dinner cruise with exotic drink in hand and mesmerizing views. Marvel at the fascinating fireworks at Poipu Beach Park or book a fancy cocktail cruise at Lahaina Harbor. There are ample things to do in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve which makes it one of the best places in the world to celebrate New Year.

19. Moscow, Russia

If you love the celebrations amidst the chills of extremely cold weather, then Moscow could be a perfect place to ring in the New Year celebrations. The city looks absolutely stunning with mesmerizing fireworks show that can be witnessed from places like Red Square and Kremlin. If you are looking for free celebrations, then there are various parks in Moscow where free concerts and events are conducted with grand new year celebration. Arbat Street in Moscow is brimmed with various bars and clubs where an exotic new year party can be enjoyed with drinks and snacks option. Almost every street in Moscow is beautifully decorated in Moscow on New Year’s Eve and one can get Insta-worthy photos anywhere in the city.

20. Lisbon, Portugal

New Year celebrations in Lisbon are taken on next level with grand parties, eye-catching fireworks and live music. If you are someone who fancies welcoming the New Year with great pomp and show, then Lisbon should be in your itinerary. Enjoy the best New Year Eve events at Terreiro do Paço with the local people there with artists performing live shows. There are different clubs at Pink Street and Bairro Alto that hosts a number of thrilling new year parties. If you are someone who likes a calmer and serene celebration on New Year’s Eve, then we would suggest you to attend Fado, a traditional singing of the Portuguese which is very soothing to the senses.

21. Tokyo, Japan

One of the best places to celebrate New Year 2022 in the world is undoubtably Tokyo in Japan. The new year celebrations at this place starts from 29th December and continues till 4th January. You get to take part in the festivities for not just one day but for a week. Isn’t it interesting? One of the best places to celebrate new year in Tokyo is Meiji Shrine which is a place brimmed with tourists as it is an important shrine in the city. Another great place to enjoy new year in Tokyo is Zoji-ji Temple where a monk rings the bell 108 times to denote the arrival of new year. Due to the religious and cultural importance, the temple is visited by many locals and tourists alike. If you like crowd and the party vibe, then partake in the countdown party that takes place at the Shibuya Crossing which is one of the best outdoor New Year parties in the world.

22. Queenstown, New Zealand

If you are looking for where to celebrate New Year 2022, one of the best places to visit is Queenstown in New Zealand. The city is known to host the first New Year celebrations in the world. For a free new year party, head to lakefront where one of the best parties takes place with fireworks, live music and scenic views. With loads of positive vibes, fun and entertainment, it is a great place to enjoy New Year’s Eve. However, there is no alcohol available here. For the best New Year fireworks 2022 in Queenstown, head to Earnslaw Park where the grand new year festivity takes place. Queenstown also has a number of bars and clubs where one can enjoy drinks and music with their friends. For some extra fun and entertainment, head to Rhythm and Alps where renowned musicians from New Zealand as well from other parts of the world come.


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