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Latin America:

Latin America is by far the most amazing place someone can visit today. Popularly known for its rich history in sporting activities, Latin America is such a wonder. The majority of countries are good at sporting activities like soccer and beach volleyball.

You probably think of the romance language when someone speaks of Latin America. Besides the language and culture, Latin American countries have amazing destinations to explore. Additionally, Latin America is also home to some of the most beautiful casinos in the world, with amazing games and variations just like platincasino. If you want to visit Latin America, you should look out for the following destinations. Unfortunately, these countries are only partially open for tourism. However, once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, these should definitely be the top 3 on your to-visit list!

Patagonia – Argentina
Patagonia is definitely a contender for the most beautiful place in the world. Governed by both Argentina and Chile, one of the things that make it beautiful is the mountain peaks that are good for hiking. Not forgetting the penguins. Visiting Patagonia provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a horseback ride across the rugged landscape. Enjoying thermal baths and visiting the quaint village of Caleta Tortel is a must-do. You can as well spot wildlife when you visit Patagonia. You will definitely have a good time should you decide to visit Patagonia in Argentina. It is however important to know that you will need to do a PCR test before you visit Argentina. This is because of the travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Torres del Paine National Park – Chile
When an individual mentions Chile, you will definitely think of Torres del Paine National Park. Torres del Paine National Park is located in Magallanes Region and boasts of mountains, glaciers and lakes. It has amazing features that might interest you. You should know that Chile has put in place a 10-day mandatory quarantine due to COVID-19. You will therefore need to do the PCR test before you make travel plans. Some of the activities you will enjoy is spotting puma and guanaco. You will also trek to the Mirador in the valley of Frances just to hear the Avalanche’s sound. You can try kayaking as well and try to go for ice hike.

Another Latin American country to visit is Bolivia. Bolivia has always been known as a very beautiful country and many tourists visit it annually. If you want somewhere truly picturesque to visit, then checkout Salar De Uyuni. Statistics state that it is the largest salt flat in the world. It has a reflective surface when filled with water. This is why many people refer to it as the world’s largest mirror. Should you be planning to visit Bolivia, you should try to have a PCR test done. Bolivia has put in place a 10-day quarantine when you visit which is mandatory due to COVID-19.

You can be sure that you will have an amazing time in Latin America. Besides enjoying Patagonian life in Argentina, visiting Chile and Bolivia will present you with an amazing holiday experience. Please ensure to check the regulations of the country you are visiting before travelling as COVID-19 protocols may change.

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