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New Fraport Visitor Center to open on August 2, Visitors’ Terrace and Airport Tours now operating again.

New multimedia Visitor Center that will open soon in Concourse C of Terminal 1. The popular airport tours will also resume in early August 2021.

“Smart windows” use virtual reality to supplement the apron panorama with real-time data on parked aircraft. Frankfurt Airport is gaining another attraction: a new multimedia Visitor Centre that will open soon in Concourse C of Terminal 1.

The new facility puts the fascinating world of Germany’s largest airport at visitors’ fingertips. It’s an opportunity for airport fans of all ages to explore the aviation business with all of their senses. How about slipping into the role of marshaller and guiding a jet into its parking position? You can do it here! Or hurtling through the winding tunnels of the airport’s automated baggage conveyor system? Just put on a virtual reality headset and start the exhilarating Motion Ride!

The exhibition’s centerpiece, The Globe, also lets you playfully experience worldwide aviation in action – and learn about the important role that Frankfurt Airport plays in it.

The path through the exhibition spanning 1,200 square meters is indicated by glowing overhead stripes that precisely match the paths used by giant aircraft to take off and land. Right at the start, a 55-square-meter model of the Airport City (at a scale of 1:750) invites guests to embark on a virtual voyage of discovery. This detailed replica of the entire airport and its 400-odd buildings can be interactively explored using an iPad.

Over 80 digital points of interest deliver a wealth of interesting information in the form of texts, videos and 3D animations. “Smart windows” use virtual reality to supplement the apron panorama with real-time data on parked aircraft. Engrossing stories about zeppelins and the Berlin Airlift can also be enjoyed during a trip back in time.

“The Globe”, a gigantic interactive LED wall comprising 28 monitor screens, visualizes all ongoing flights between FRA and other points worldwide in real time. It’s an impressive way to experience the enormous web of global connections and the complexity of international aviation.

The popular airport tours will also resume in early August. The Starter Tour lasts 45 minutes and includes live narration to provide a fascinating stream of figures, data and facts on the airport and its activities. The 120-minute XXL Tour provides a more extensive look behind the scenes.

Guests get to watch ground handling operations, take-offs and landings while passing close to aircraft, and also catch glimpses of the new fire station number 1 and the construction project to build the new Terminal 3 in the south of the airport.

The perfect way to round out an excursion to the airport is to enjoy the view from the popular Visitors’ Terrace. This platform at Terminal 2 provides a bird’s-eye perspective of planes from around the world landing and taking off and the bustling activity on the airport apron. To celebrate its reopening, admission is free of charge for a limited time – to cap the number of visitors at any given time, however, it is necessary to reserve a time slot.

Reservations are required for all of the facilities and can be made in the ticket shop at Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to do so on site. During the summer school holidays in the German state of Hesse, guests of the Visitor Centre can park free of charge in FRA’s public parking facilities: simply take a ticket when driving in and get it validated at the entrance of the Visitor Centre. Also for day trippers, Frankfurt Airport is always a worthwhile destination – naturally while complying with the current rules to prevent infection.

Important to know: like the Visitors’ Terrace, the multimedia Fraport Visitor Centre can also be booked for holding events of all kinds.

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