Future Travel in Las Vegas

Future Travel in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city known for investing in ambitious projects and contracts with the intention to attract audiences from all around the country. Last year saw 32.2 million visitors come to Vegas and more are expected in the future. They already have a replica of Venice, and host the most important mixed martial arts and poker events on the planet. However, if there’s something this city is known for it is constantly trying to find new ways to capture the attention of tourists with attractive events and monumental architecture. As expected, in the next few years visitors will see the emergence of new and imposing structures, spectacular sports events, and maybe even new teams. Let’s take a look.

Moon Resorts Las Vegas

For the first time in history, commercial space travel has been made possible, although for a particularly high price. This renewed interest in space hasn’t gone unnoticed by a Canadian company, which has plans to invest $5 billion to build a resort inspired by the moon. By this, we don’t just mean a big hotel with moon-themed nightclubs or a planetarium. The company has revealed that this will be an actual replica of the moon, which will stand 735 feet tall.

Apart from the impressive structure that would make it seem like the moon has landed in the middle of the city, the main attraction has been described as a lunar colony. For $500 per visitor, people will be able to explore an area resembling the surface of the moon on a buggy, and visit “moon colonies” resembling those planned by NASA.

The MSG Sphere

The Venetian, one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, is known for sparing no expenses when it comes to building new attractions. The casino already hosts an impressive replica of the popular Italian city, together with channels and authentic Gondola drivers. But their next project is even more ambitious.

The MSG Sphere, a massive spherical structure of 336 feet tall, is expected to become the biggest building of its kind. Its function will be to host events and shows for as high as 20,000 spectators. The MSG Sphere is also going to have a 160,000 square foot LED display, and its potential uses are currently being discussed with Hollywood executives.

New Sports Teams

Up until recently, the city of Las Vegas was trying to become the home of a new professional sports team. This all changed in 2017 when the Las Vegas Golden Knights became the NHL’s newest expansion team, a decision that has received a warm welcome from its citizens. In fact, as stated in a Poker.org guide on exciting Las Vegas activities, fans were immediately “all-in” on the team, creating an electric atmosphere right from the start.

After the successful deal with an NHL team, Las Vegas managed to get The Raiders to move into the city back in 2020. Now there are even talks of an NBA expansion, which is something a city famous for hosting great sports events is likely to put a lot of effort into making a reality.

Super Bowl LIX

As we mentioned, Las Vegas has managed to attract some interesting sport-focused investors. These efforts have resulted in the city being recognized as a mandatory visit for enjoying sports like mixed martial arts, as the most prestigious and popular event, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is held in Las Vegas, together with important boxing matches.

But this is not enough for the city, and there has been a recent push for it to become the host of traditional sports tournaments. As a result, CBSSports.com reports that Vegas will host the Super Bowl LIX in 2024. The match will take place at the Allegiant Stadium, and will be televised by CBS in the U.S. and BBC One in the United Kingdom.

Las Vegas is a city known for constantly reinventing itself: from a paradise for poker enthusiasts to a destination offering family-friendly entertainment. The city has no problem spending billions appealing to the most varied preferences. The result is a city that will feature its own moon replica, the Super Bowl LIX, and probably a new NBA team; making sure that new generations develop an interest in visiting Las Vegas.


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