Discover the National Museum of Mali

Discover the National Museum of Mali

Discover the National Museum of Mali!

Do you want to know more about Mali’s intriguing history? Come discover the National Museum in Mali, where you can find many ancient artefacts and interesting stories about the country’s rich past and various cultures.

Situated right in the centre of Bamako city, this is not just an ordinary exhibition space but also a window into Malian traditions as well as civilizations from all over Africa. When entering there, tourists will have chance to admire beautiful displays such as old statues or masks used for ceremonies; colourful paintings made by local artists who were inspired during their trips throughout different parts of Mali etc Each item displayed here has its own story behind it which reflects one thread among myriad others constituting culture mosaic peculiar to this landlocked state.

Discover the National Museum of Mali

Our guided trip is meant to help you understand these walls’ many wonders. The guides will tell you everything they know about empires that once ruled over half world; describe customs observed during people’s daily lives when they were still alive. They may talk for hours sharing what might be called secrets now: hidden knowledge transmitted from generation down through centuries without any written records being left behind for posterity’s sake… It feels like going back several centuries ago while walking along ancient corridors filled up with dust somewhere near underground rooms where some treasures are stored…

The guidebooks contain descriptions of other things too: how trades looked like at that time; religious practices followed then among others. For example, there are dogon sculptures mentioned – those strange looking figures representing animals regarded by some tribes living around them as their ancestors’ spirits who protect against evil forces; or bambara textiles – those brightly colored clothes weaved out from different materials such as cotton grown locally etc.

Our tours don’t only deal with memory lane but also aim at making people create good memories today. That’s why our storytellers often add funny anecdotes related to particular events which occurred while certain objects were being used, discovered etc. The guides try their best not only pass knowledge but also entertain visitors so that they could leave place with greater understanding what happened there once upon time… and smile on face too thanks to jokes shared along route.

The visit to Discover the National Museum of Mali will be unforgettable experience for you without any doubt. Join this wonderful DMC in Mali now and let’s discover together hidden gems of Mali’s cultural heritage through national museum visitations.

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