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Extended Visa-Free Stay in Thailand for 93 Countries

Extended Visa-Free Stay in Thailand for 93 Countries

Extended Visa-Free Stay in Thailand for 93 Countries

Thailand has introduced an extended visa-free entry policy for passport holders from 93 nations. From this year July 15th on, foreign travellers are now allowed to stay up to 60 days in the country without having to apply for a visa which previously was only thirty days.

Main points about the new visa-free rule:

  1. Longer Visits: Instead of one month, citizens from fifty-seven states can live here for two months.
  2. More Countries: Thirty-six more nations have been added meaning that now there are ninety-three in total.
  3. Boosting Tourism: Authorities hope that simplifying travel requirements along with extending visit periods will lead to attracting more tourists.

List of Nations Covered by this Policy:

Albania, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Advantages brought by Extended Visa-Free Stay in Thailand for 93 Countries:

  • Growing Economy: Longer trips mean more money spent by tourists thus benefiting local businesses as well as national economy at large.
  • Cultural Exchange: Digital nomads can immerse themselves deeper into Thai culture during their prolonged visits now.
  • Travel Convenience: No need to apply for many visas anymore under the new system which saves time for those who want to explore several cities or islands within one country.

Thailand through this visa-free expansion move shows that it is committed to increasing the number of visitors coming into the country. With an extra month in Thailand travellers will now have enough time to tour ancient temples and pristine beaches, bustling markets and lush jungles among others. For a long time now Thailand has always been a favourite destination for travellers due its great cultural heritage coupled with natural beauty spots such as Koh Samui or Phuket islands etc so this shouldn’t come as much surprise!

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China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024

China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024

China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024

China has recently launched a visa-free policy for Australian nationals, marking a significant move to strengthen bilateral relations and boost tourism. This initiative also extends to several European countries, aiming to revive global travel and promote cultural and economic exchanges between China and its international partners. Effective until the end of 2025, this policy makes it easier for travellers from Australia, Ireland, and Germany to explore China’s historical sites, bustling cities, and picturesque landscapes.

Highlights of China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024:
  • Tourism Slump: In 2023, China saw only 35.5 million foreign entries compared to 97.7 million in 2019 due to the pandemic. To reverse this trend, China introduced a visa-free policy for Australia and 11 European countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Ireland.
  • Phased Rollout of the Initiative: The plan aims to attract luxury travellers who combine business with leisure while fostering interactions between Chinese citizens and foreign visitors.
Mutual Benefits of the Visa-Free Policy

This new visa-free policy is expected to benefit both China and Australia through the promotion of tourism, cultural exchange, and economic development:

For China:

  • Tourism Growth: Enhances the tourism sector, boosting local businesses.
  • Cultural Understanding: Fosters cultural exchange and understanding between nations.
  • Diplomatic Relations: Strengthens diplomatic ties with other countries.

For Australia:

  • Simplified Travel: Eases travel arrangements, promoting business partnerships.
  • Educational Exchanges: Encourages student exchanges between the two countries.
  • Tourism Boost: Increases the number of Chinese tourists visiting Australia, benefiting the hospitality industry.

This policy for China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024 promises mutual benefits and enhanced bilateral relations. Some must-visit destinations in China include Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Guilin.

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Tunisia Better Connected with Europe

Tunisia Better Connected with Europe

Tunisia Better Connected with Europe: A Summer That Broke All Records

Tunisia is fast emerging as one of the most important gateways to Europe – second only to Egypt and Morocco in terms of capacity to the continent. From April through October, 3.54 million seats will be on offer from Tunisia, an increase of 14.6% over 2019, according to Cirium data. This milestone highlights Tunisia’s impressive rebound from the pandemic and other setbacks.

A Record-Breaking Summer with Tunisia Better Connected with Europe:

Over 30 new routes this summer are all either brand-new or not operated by these carriers within the past decade;  All are 2-weekly, except those with an *, which are weekly, and **, which are 3-weekly:

  • 14 March: Nouvelair, Tunis–Basel (Switzerland)
  • 27 March: easyJet Bristol–Enfidha
  • 31 May: Eurowings Stuttgart–Monastir*
  • 31 May: TUI fly Deutschland Stuttgart-Djerba*
  • 3 April: Nouvelair Tunis–Berlin
  • 5 April: Eurowings Dusseldorf-Monastir
  • 7 April: Nouvelair Tunis-Bordeaux
  • 19 April: Nouvelair Sfax–Paris CDG
  • 3 May: Eurowings Discover Frankfurt–Monastir
  • 6 May: Bulgaria Air Sofia-Djerba*
  • 26 May: Nouvelair Tunis-Munich
  • 1 June: Nouvelair Djerba-Poznan*
  • 1 June: Nouvelair Sfax–Istanbul IST
  • 12 June: Neos Milan MXP–Djerba
  • 12 June: Neos Verona-Djerba*
  • 12 June: Nouvelair Monastir-Lublin/Katowice*
  • 19 June: Neos Bologna-Djerba/Monastir*
  • 19 June: Neos Rome FCO–Djerba/Monastir*
  • 28 June: Nouvelair Monastir–Bratislava*
  • 19June: Nouvelair Tunis – Stockholm ARN.*
  • 2 July: Brussels Airlines Brussels-Monastir.**
  • 4 July: Eurowings Hamburg-Tunis.
  • 7 July: Nouvelair Monastir-Banja Luka.
  • 17 July: *Nouvelair Tunis-Milan MXP.
  • 10 September: *Nouvelair Tunis-Frankfurt.*
  • 11 September: **Nouvelair Tunis-Copenhagen.
  • 14 September: ***Nou-ravel air Tunis-St Petersburg.
  • 17 September: *Nouv-elair Tunis-Bologna.
  • 29 October:** EasyJet Basel–Enfidha.
  • 30 October:* easyJet London LTN—Enfidha.**
  • 30 October: Transavia France Paris ORY-Tozeur.

Key Points on Tunisia Better Connected with Europe:

  • Record Capacity: 3.54 million departing seats is the highest number ever recorded for Tunisia.
  • Strong Growth: 14.6% increase as compared to last year.
  • Resilient Recovery: Bouncing back from the global pandemic.

Delays in the expected EU open skies agreement have hampered progress, which would stimulate tourism and VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) traffic, but there has been substantial growth driven by Nouvelair – Tunisia’s leisure operator.

Notable Developments

The return of European flights to Tozeur is marked by Transavia France’s new route from Paris Orly which starts on October 30, the same month that Tunisair ceased operations there in 2020. With this development, six Tunisian airports now have direct European routes – Djerba, Enfidha, Monastir, Sfax, Tozeur and Tunis.

These moves underscore Tunisia’s commitment to growing its tourism and aviation sectors – a sure sign of exciting times ahead for both travellers and the national economy.

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Unveil the Majesty of the Taj Mahal

Unveil the Majesty of the Taj Mahal

Unveil the Majesty of the Taj Mahal!

Wouldn’t you love to go on an unforgettable tour of one of India’s most remarkable landmarks – The Taj Mahal? This well-designed venture gives a deep exploration to one of the world’s celebrated sites.

The Enduring Beauty That is The Taj Mahal

Explore the grandeur that is the Taj Mahal, an immortal embodiment of love and architectural genius. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, making this breath-taking marble mausoleum a symbol of ancient India’s splendour. As you walk through perfectly manicured gardens; marvel at intricately carved marble inlays, appreciate its unmatched beauty and historic significance which makes this site iconic.

Historical Significance:

Located in Agra, India, the Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It was constructed by Shah Jahan, who was a Mughal ruler to honor his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal who passed away while giving birth in 1631. Construction started in 1627 and took approximately twenty two years with thousands of artisans, craftsmen, laborers among others involved.

Architectural Marvel:

It remains an internationally known architectural beauty that blends several designs from Islamic, Ottoman Turkish, Persian as well as Indian architecture. The tomb made entirely of white marble has been intricately carved with delicate flower patterns and Quranic inscriptions. The tall centre dome measures 73 meters (240 feet) high surrounded by four smaller domes whereas the complex stands amidst gardens having fountains and pools which are completely symmetrical.

Symbolism of Love:

The Taj Mahal represents eternal love besides its beautiful design. Throughout this memorial itself Emperor Shah Jahan’s adoration for his queen still exists forever. Inside you will find symbolic tombs called cenotaphs of both Mumtaz mahal and shah jahan with their real graves located at the lower chamber off limits to visitors.

Cultural Importance:

The Taj Mahal not only represents Mughul art but it is also a reflection of India’s glorious past. Its charming look draws people from different corners worldwide every year due to its exquisiteness and touching love story as well as its cultural significance. This eternal beauty holds an emblematic part concerning India’s rich heritage thus making it a mandatory stopover place for anyone interested in learning about historical accounts or architectural marvels of this country.

Unveil the Majesty of the Taj Mahal
Visitor Experience:

At the Taj Mahal tourists can stroll around its gardens, see its amazing architecture from various perspectives through guided visits which also provide some background information about it. At sunrise and sunset, the marble changes different colours that create an enchanting atmosphere. Visitors often hire local guides to expose hidden narratives and legends associated with this famous monument.

Preservation Efforts:

Due to age and popularity, Taj Mahal is exposed to environmental pollution by tourists. To maintain its structural integrity as well as the original colour of its façade, it gets cleaned regularly through various restoration processes.

Visiting the Taj Mahal offers an incredible opportunity of witnessing not only India’s history but also one of the most breath-taking architectural masterpieces ever built – a testament to human genius, skill, resilience, love eternal and above all skilled workmanship.

Expertly Guided Tours

This fantastic DMC in India ensures that your visit to the Taj Mahal is filled with captivating insights and entertainment. Our experienced guides will give you amazing stories on how it was built, the great love story behind it and its importance in Indian history.

India is not like any other place. Everyone who comes here falls in love – and most fall in love many times over.
It is a country blooming with authenticity – with its absolutely unique culture, various religions and many languages, it offers a drastically different experience. India takes hold of the hearts of those who wander here and never lets go.
Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour

Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour

Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour

Little Havana offers an insight into Miami’s rich cultural heritage with its lively streets and shops. This neighbourhood is found in the middle of the city and it always smells of coffee while Cuban music dominates everything, which could make it a dreamland for those who value culture.

What to Expect

This four hour guided tour will take you through every street corner of this iconic neighbourhood. Freshly pressed juice from exotic fruits paves way for a taste adventure. Attractive markets sell tropical fruits and traditional food representative of several generations that were influenced by Cuba.

Taste of Tradition

Iconic Cuban delights such as a classic Cuban sandwich made with spicy meats among other fillings and then grilled or pan-fried should be a must try. For example, beef empanadas are well crafted using recipes passed down from the vast family kitchens.

Cultural Icons

While in Little Havana, don’t forget to sip bold Cuban coffee as you munch on some crispy ham croquetas that symbolizes Cuba’s vibrant fast food culture. It is at Azucar where one can find this brand new experience based on Cuba’s tradition through ice cream artisanship.

Exploration Beyond Cuisine

Find yourself lost in cultural exhibitions like Domino Park where locals meet under palm trees to play dominos. Then moving on to cigar making which has been maintained over centuries by many family run small factories and visits to The Boulevard Monuments honouring Castro’s revolutionaries among others.

Highlights of Your Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour Include:

Local Marketplace Exploration, Tropical Juice Delight, Cuban Sandwich Tasting, Empanada Experience, Cuban Coffee Ritual, Delightful Croqueta, Artisanal Ice Cream, Domino Park Visit, Cigar Manufacturing Insight, Boulevard of Monuments

Book Your Culinary Journey

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China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024

Juneyao Air Announce Exciting Shanghai-Brussels Route 2024

Juneyao Air Announce Exciting Shanghai-Brussels Route 2024

Juneyao Air is excited to announce the launch of its new Shanghai-Brussels route starting July 3, 2024. This flight is a non-stop service operating from Wednesday through Friday and Sunday creating a connection between two lively cities for travellers’ convenience. Take-off at 01:55 from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on flight HO 1659 and arrive Brussels International Airport at 08:15 local time. Return flight HO 1660 departs Brussels at 11:50 a.m., arriving in Shanghai at 5:05 a.m. of the next day.

Highlights for the Shanghai-Brussels Route:

State-of-the-art Aircraft: Enjoy the luxury of Juneyao Air’s Boeing787 – Dreamliner.

Deluxe Business Class: Experience top-notch services and large space for comfortable sojourns.

In-flight Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected all through your flight, working and entertaining yourself.

Efficient Luggage Handling: Check your bags through to your final destination with ease.

Juneyao Air Announce Exciting Shanghai-Brussels Route 2024

With this expansion, Juneyao Air has achieved another milestone in its journey towards being an outstanding airline that serves globally. Beyond promoting economic ties between China and Belgium this route also encourages cultural interaction and tourism globally. Now, travellers can easily transit between Brussels’ vibrant European culture and Shanghai’s bustling commercial heartland.

Juneyao Air continues to add more planes in its fleet which currently comprises of ninety-five plus twenty-four more aircraft from their subsidiary ‘9 AIR’. The new destination demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing dependable connections across continents that meet varied customer needs.

Experience Asia-Europe seamless travel with Juneyao Airline today!

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Complimentary stay in a luxury 5 Star hotel Dubai

Complimentary stay in a luxury 5 Star hotel Dubai

Complimentary stay in a luxury 5 Star hotel Dubai with Emirates.

Emirates is giving travellers an opportunity to make the most of their summer holiday in or through Dubai. They are offering free stays at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. Between 1 July and 21 July 2024, customers who buy return tickets in First Class or Business Class will get two nights’ stay, while those flying on Premium Economy or Economy can have one night’s accommodation.*

Dubai invites visitors to discover it as a city of never-ending sun-soaked beaches, futuristic architecture and a vibrant cultural scene. Shopping lovers can shop till they drop at world-class malls while foodies can satisfy their taste buds with various cuisines from around the globe all over the city. There are many entertainment options for thrill-seekers including theme parks and waterparks which offer round-the-clock fun for all ages.

Complimentary stay in a luxury 5 Star hotel Dubai

“Summer in Dubai is really amazing; during the busy Dubai Summer Surprises festival there are lots of events and places to visit,” said Adnan Kazim Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer at Emirates. “We always strive to improve our passengers’ experience on board and this year we’ve included complimentary hotel stays in our offer which makes Dubai more attractive as a destination.”

He added: “This initiative by Emirates shows again how much we care about our customers’ satisfaction. With so many things happening – from opening of IMG Worlds of Adventure next month to performances by international superstars during DubFest, not forgetting shopping offers everywhere thanks to my emirates pass discounts across different malls – there has never been a better time visit Dubai!”

Customers can also use ‘My Emirates Pass’, with exclusive offers on dining out, shopping experiences and entertainment across the city. Moreover, if they book flights or hotels through, they will earn Miles which will enhance their stay in Dubai even more as an Emirates Skywards member.

This summer know more about genuine Arabian hospitality than ever before – come to Dubai with Emirates. Book now and let yourself enjoy this Complimentary stay in a luxury 5 Star hotel Dubai!

*Full terms and conditions can be found here

Exciting Emirates Wimbledon Partnership 2024

Exciting Emirates Wimbledon Partnership 2024

Exciting Emirates Wimbledon Partnership 2024

Emirates is tremendously happy about it’s historic association with Wimbledon. The airline has never been the official partner of the tennis championship before this year. An exceptional Airbus A380 “Wimbledon” livery will be launched on 1 July, featuring the tournament’s logo and player silhouettes, with flights to London Heathrow followed by services to Manchester, Washington D.C., Paris and more.

Inflight Exclusivity

Throughout July, UK-bound travellers can enjoy a range of Wimbledon-themed treats on board Emirates flights. Specially created lemon strawberry cupcakes adorned with the Wimbledon logo will accompany strawberries and cream for First and Business Class passengers while Economy and Premium Economy customers can tuck into dishes such as cream cheese mousse or strawberry cheesecake inspired by the famous Wimbledon flavours at 30,000ft.

Ground Excitement

At the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), Emirates will offer interactive experiences for fans to enjoy at their dedicated “Emirates Experience” stand. Visitors will have an opportunity to win holidays to Dubai through various giveaways. Younger tennis enthusiasts can also play an Emirates-themed version of Roblox called Wimbleworld which combines digital entertainment with all the excitement of the sport

Live Wimbledon Coverage

Emirates’ lounges and award-winning ice inflight entertainment system will host live coverage of matches from Wimbledon so passengers don’t miss any of the action.

Currently Emirates operates 133 weekly flights across seven UK gateways with a daily A350 service set to resume for Edinburgh from 4 November 2024.

Fly with Emirates and experience the magic of Wimbledon. Whether you’re a tennis lover or simply want some luxury travel; emirates airways offers an unbeatable trip right in to all that action!

Book now for your next UK adventure where you can immerse yourself in all things Wimbledon whilst travelling on board emirates airways.

Exciting Emirates Wimbledon Partnership 2024


Exceptional Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

Exceptional Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

Exceptional Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

Take a dive into the beautiful waters of Zanzibar for an experience you’ll never forget. Known around the world as one of the best places to go diving, Zanzibar offers some unique opportunities to see coral reefs and marine life in crystal clear seas that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. It does not matter whether you are just starting out with scuba or have been doing it for years — there is something here for every diver.

Marvel at this underwater paradise and Discover Exceptional Scuba Diving in Zanzibar!

When you dive beneath its surface, Zanzibar’s underwater world comes alive with myriad species of fish and vibrant corals. You will see them weaving through schools of colourful fish and turtles swimming gracefully alongside them. Travel further down where dolphins playfully dance among deeper parts which only adds more magic to what can already be described as an enchanting display under the sea.

Perfect diving conditions all year round

Visibility in Zanzibar averages between 20m and 60m, making it an excellent dive spot any time of year. With temperatures hovering around 27 degrees Celsius on average (81 Fahrenheit), water is warm enough so that divers do not get cold easily while exploring but still cool down when necessary during longer stays near surface areas like reefs where they might dwell mostly during their trips below depths inhabited by other animals such as sharks or rays etcetera… Whether your preference lies towards easy-going shallow reef investigations or thrilling deep-sea adventures, these warm azure waters provide perfect surroundings for observing marine creatures within their immediate environment.

Dive sites suitable for all levels

Zanzibar boasts a number of dive sites catering to different skill sets – from beginner up through expert level qualifications; anyone can learn how! Beginners may start off closer towards shorelines where there are shallower regions filled with coral formations which act as training grounds before moving onto more challenging areas further offshore. Experienced divers have the option of diving near drop-offs or wrecks where they get chance seeing large pelagic types like shark, ray etc

Why Zanzibar should be your next dive destination?

With its vast array of biodiversity and untouched underwater landscapes, Zanzibar guarantees an unforgettable scuba experience. The world-class sites cater for all tastes whether you are after adrenaline rushes or serene environments; want to see rare creatures up close or simply relax surrounded by beauty – choose between these options and many more here!

Book now to Discover Exceptional Scuba Diving in Zanzibar!

Magnificent Sounds of Silence Dinner Uluru

Magnificent Sounds of Silence Dinner Uluru

Magnificent Sounds of Silence Dinner Uluru

Take a special approach through the unique and exclusive Magnificent Sounds of Silence Dinner Uluru. This is staged at the red rock of Australia’s heartland, Uluru which is considered sacred. As the sun sets and casts its enchanting light over this iconic landmark, your clients are promised an evening they will cherish forever.

A Sensory Delight at the Magnificent Sounds of Silence Dinner Uluru

It all starts with a warm welcome accompanied by some refreshing drinks that gives way for what promises to be an elegant night filled with magic moments. The guests are then escorted into an enchanting outdoor dining area located right in the middle of Australian outback where they can spoil themselves with a gourmet buffet made from locally sourced ingredients. Each plate represents different cooking methods influenced by various cultures brought together over centuries thus reflecting the tapestry of richly diverse Australian culinary traditions.

A Symphony of Sound and Stories

With the coming of darkness, the didgeridoo starts playing its haunting tunes under the wide desert skies – live! The music is usually low-pitched but has a powerful resonance capability that creates wonderful vibes during meals. In the background against twinkling stars we listen to aboriginal elders telling old stories passed down from generation after generation which establishes a connection between spiritualism and land among Australians.

Underneath Outback Skies

There is nothing more romantic or beautiful than gazing at stars together while seated around campfires sipping wine mixed with those rare botanical extracts found only here in remote parts. With minimal light pollution in this remote location, guests can marvel at the brilliance of the Milky Way

A Connection with the Outback

This dinner is not just about eating; it’s designed as an encounter between guests and their surroundings so they may appreciate more deeply what this country has to offer both physically and culturally. Whether you’re coming alone or with friends, whether for lovebirds’ hideaway or team building exercise – these occasions will always stand out in anyone’s life who attended them during his visit to Uluru.

Plan Your Trip Today

Explore birdwatching safari in Mozambique

Explore birdwatching safari in Mozambique

Explore birdwatching safari in Mozambique:

How would you like to go on an exclusive birdwatching safari that take tourists to the pristine beauty of Miombo Woodlands in Mozambique? This is an area of diverse wildlife and rare birds, situated among the untouched landscapes.

Explore birdwatching safari in Mozambique

Imagine yourself inside lush Miombo woodlands where every moment reveals another feathered marvel. To cater for keen birdwatchers and nature lovers Grosvenor Tours organizes immersive bird watching safaris.

Highlights of the Birdwatching Safari

Expert Guided Excursions: Grosvenor tours have enthusiastic bird specialists that will show you hidden avian gems in Mozambique. Every sighting counts from endemic species to migratory birds that tell a story about the environmental richness of this region.

Scenic Exploration: Think about forests extending for miles and open savannahs as you plunge into them. This untouched landscape provides a good backdrop against which to watch birds including brightly coloured bee eaters, large birds of prey and flighty owls.

Photography Opportunities: Witness some breath-taking moments with your camera while you see birds on their natural habitats.  The birdwatching safari caters to all photography levels, ensuring you capture the essence of Mozambique’s avian beauty.

Cultural Immersion: Besides bird watching also immerse in vibrant culture together with warm hospitality found in Mozambique. Have a taste of traditional cuisines, interact with local societies, and learn how they have preserved Miombo woodland through conservation efforts directed towards saving wild life present here.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this DMC in Mozambique to plan your Explore birdwatching safari in Mozambique.

Discover the National Museum of Mali

Discover the National Museum of Mali

Discover the National Museum of Mali!

Do you want to know more about Mali’s intriguing history? Come discover the National Museum in Mali, where you can find many ancient artefacts and interesting stories about the country’s rich past and various cultures.

Situated right in the centre of Bamako city, this is not just an ordinary exhibition space but also a window into Malian traditions as well as civilizations from all over Africa. When entering there, tourists will have chance to admire beautiful displays such as old statues or masks used for ceremonies; colourful paintings made by local artists who were inspired during their trips throughout different parts of Mali etc Each item displayed here has its own story behind it which reflects one thread among myriad others constituting culture mosaic peculiar to this landlocked state.

Discover the National Museum of Mali

Our guided trip is meant to help you understand these walls’ many wonders. The guides will tell you everything they know about empires that once ruled over half world; describe customs observed during people’s daily lives when they were still alive. They may talk for hours sharing what might be called secrets now: hidden knowledge transmitted from generation down through centuries without any written records being left behind for posterity’s sake… It feels like going back several centuries ago while walking along ancient corridors filled up with dust somewhere near underground rooms where some treasures are stored…

The guidebooks contain descriptions of other things too: how trades looked like at that time; religious practices followed then among others. For example, there are dogon sculptures mentioned – those strange looking figures representing animals regarded by some tribes living around them as their ancestors’ spirits who protect against evil forces; or bambara textiles – those brightly colored clothes weaved out from different materials such as cotton grown locally etc.

Our tours don’t only deal with memory lane but also aim at making people create good memories today. That’s why our storytellers often add funny anecdotes related to particular events which occurred while certain objects were being used, discovered etc. The guides try their best not only pass knowledge but also entertain visitors so that they could leave place with greater understanding what happened there once upon time… and smile on face too thanks to jokes shared along route.

The visit to Discover the National Museum of Mali will be unforgettable experience for you without any doubt. Join this wonderful DMC in Mali now and let’s discover together hidden gems of Mali’s cultural heritage through national museum visitations.

New Cambodia e-Arrival Card Launches 2024

New Cambodia e-Arrival Card Launches 2024

New Cambodia e-Arrival Card Launches 2024

Starting July 1, 2024, travellers to Cambodia will need to complete an online e-immigration form within seven days before their arrival. This new Cambodia e-Arrival (CeA) card aims to streamline the entry process and is available for free on the official website and through mobile apps on Google Play and the AppStore.

How to Submit the New Cambodia e-Arrival Card Launches 2024:

Registration: Travellers will have to take a photo and upload their passport details.

Complete E-Arrival Card: The new digital system replaces paper-based immigration, health forms and customs declaration which were used before.

QR Code: Upon submission of the application, a QR code is created whereby travellers should keep this code on their smartphones or print it out so as they can show it when they reach immigration points.

For those who are unable to complete this form online in advance there will be standby machines available at immigration for onsite registration.

Benefits and Convenience

The benefits of having an e-arrival card are many such as:

Efficiency: It fastens up immigration by reducing paperwork.

Convenience: Enables one fill necessary forms while still at home before embarking on journeying abroad.

Accessibility: It can easily be accessed through mobile applications among others; also has user friendly online portal

This new system was put in place with an aim of making entry into Cambodia smoother and more efficient hence improving travel experiences altogether.

If you need more details or help with Visa services check out this marvellous DMC in Cambodia who is ready to assist you in preparing for trips in Cambodia and ensuring a seamless travel experience for your clients

e-arrival card

New Direct Flight Madrid to Mauritius 2024

New Direct Flight Madrid to Mauritius 2024

New Direct Flight Madrid to Mauritius 2024!

On June 17, 2024, Iberojet will inaugurate a new weekly non-stop service between Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (MRU) in Mauritius. The journey takes off on Tuesdays only but it is expected to become one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting from these two marvellous spots.

To make travellers feel comfortable during the flight, the airline has chosen Airbus A350-900 which is known for being modern and efficient. Its departure time from Madrid is set for Monday evenings when visitors will touch down in Mauritius early afternoon next day thus giving them enough time to settle down and start enjoying their tropical holidays. This flight was designed for those who want peace after work or any other business that took all energy during month, so also some rest and fun.

The first summer season’s inaugural flight 2024 was met with great enthusiasm at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. After landing the plane got a water arch salute from Mauritians fire brigade as a sign of respect. Sega music and dance were performed live so tourists could feel themselves already part of island nation rich cultural heritage since arrival . Representatives both national media outlets African country’s tourism authority were among guests invited to this event celebrating establishment this exciting new link between Europe Africa through air transport means .

New Direct Flight Madrid to Mauritius 2024

This fresh route creates many opportunities ahead – think about sunbathing on unspoiled beaches or exploring various ecosystems found around Mauritius; diving into its melting pot culture where different traditions meet harmoniously together . Tranquillity retires can be found here while others prefer more active types rest places too because everything is possible at this destination offering something for everyone interested in having good time. And now we have got possibility thanks to Iberojet blend two very different cultures Spanish and Mauritian into one.

Just imagine yourself sipping sangria while watching sunset over some beautiful coastline somewhere in Spain before heading towards another exotic location such as Mauritius where you would dance sega after trying out tapas for dinner! This isn’t just any ordinary flight, its an opportunity that opens up worlds full of diverse experiences waiting to be discovered .

So don’t waste anymore of your precious holiday days – pack your bags tonight and head straight from Madrid airport where you will be whisked away by Iberojet who are ready take you on board their nonstop planes bound directly for paradise island called Mauritius!

Check out your options to Mauritius here

China Introduces Visa Free Travel for Australia 2024

Exciting New flights Lusaka to East Africa 2024

Exciting New flights Lusaka to East Africa 2024! Zambia Airways is planning to improve regional integration by opening its doors on 27th June, 2024 for three flights a week from Lusaka, Zambia to Dar es Salaam Tanzania and Nairobi in Kenya East Africa. Dar es Salaam serves as the gateway city into southern Tanzania which is home to wildlife sanctuaries like Selous and Nyerere (formerly Ruaha) national parks in addition to Zanzibar island paradise while bustling Nairobi offers access into world famous Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Park among other destinations within Kenya.

This development will enable visitors coming from across eastern Africa easy entry into Zambia thereby creating a seamless experience whether one  is exploring game reserves in Tanzania or embarking on a safari holiday in Kenya. Moreover, the location of the base at Lusaka ensures that travellers are not inconvenienced by long layovers as they have been timed for connectivity with diverse travel itineraries.

Exciting New flights Lusaka to East Africa 2024

The flights have been scheduled with maximum flexibility as follows:

Tuesday & Thursday: Lusaka – Dar es Salaam – Nairobi – Lusaka

Saturday: Lusaka – Nairobi – Dar es Salaam – Lusaka

Each flight operated by Zambia Airways from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN) prioritizes comfortability of passengers throughout their journey; however Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) shall also serve as alternate points of departure/arrival thus enhancing efficiency in logistics.

In addition to easing movement between different parts of Eastern Africa this move also encourages cooperation among stakeholders involved in the tourism industry across these regions.

Don’t hesitate to plan your trip today because travel has become so easier thanks to the introduction of Exciting New flights Lusaka to East Africa 2024.


Norwegian Unveils Six Exciting New Routes

Norwegian Unveils Six Exciting New Routes for Winter 2024/2025

Great news for travellers! Norwegian Unveils Six Exciting New Routes for Winter 2024/2025. Norwegian is gearing up for the winter travel season of 2024/2025 with six brand-new routes departing from Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter airports in Sweden. That’s right, there are new destinations just waiting to be explored.

So, what’s on the horizon from Stockholm Arlanda? Norwegian is offering flights to the sunny beaches of Hurghada in Egypt, the bustling markets of Agadir in Morocco, and the dazzling sights of Dubai. Meanwhile, over at Göteborg Landvetter, you can look forward to flights to the beautiful island of Tenerife, along with new routes to Hurghada and Marrakech. Say goodbye to winter blues!

Elizabeth Axtelius from Swedavia is excited about this expansion – Norwegian Unveils Six Exciting New Routes. She believes Norwegian’s new routes highlight the ongoing demand for international travel. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or to visit loved ones, these new destinations will make it easier to connect Sweden to the rest of the world.

Magnus Thome Maursund, Norwegian’s commercial director, is also enthusiastic. He’s sure these sunny destinations will be a big hit with travelers looking to escape the cold winter months.

Norwegian Unveils Six Exciting New Routes for Winter 2024/2025

Here’s the Flight Schedule:

  • Stockholm Arlanda to Hurghada: Weekly flights starting October 31st, 2024.
  • Stockholm Arlanda to Agadir: Weekly flights beginning November 1st, 2024.
  • Stockholm Arlanda to Dubai: Twice a week starting December 13th, 2024.
  • Göteborg Landvetter to Tenerife: Weekly flights launching October 29th, 2024.
  • Göteborg Landvetter to Hurghada: Weekly flights starting October 31st, 2024.
  • Göteborg Landvetter to Marrakech: Weekly flights commencing November 2nd, 2024.

Swedavia’s Commitment to Sustainability

Swedavia, which operates ten airports, achieved zero fossil CO2 emissions in its operations by the end of 2020. The company is working towards having sustainable aviation fuels make up 5% of all fuel at Swedish airports by 2025. Swedavia’s dedication to eco-friendly practices has earned them several awards, including Stockholm Arlanda being named Eco-Innovation Airport of the Year in 2021.

So, what are you waiting for? Norwegian’s new routes are ready for takeoff, and your next adventure awaits! Check out these destinations with rebuttable DMCs

United Airlines Launches Seasonal Transatlantic Route 2024

United Airlines Launches Seasonal Transatlantic Route 2024

Exciting news alert! United Airlines Launches Seasonal Transatlantic Route 2024. United Airlines is gearing up for an epic summer adventure with the launch of their seasonal transatlantic route from Chicago to Athens starting May 17th! That’s right, Athens, here we come!

Flight Schedule United Airlines Launches Seasonal Transatlantic Route:

Chicago to Athens Route:

  • Starts: May 17th
  • Frequency: Daily flights until August 12th
  • Aircraft: Boeing 787-8s

Additional Routes:

  • Newark Liberty International Airport to Athens
  • Washington Dulles International Airport to Athens

Alaska & Canada Highlights:

  • 150 daily flights to Canada from all seven U.S. hubs
  • Largest schedule to Alaska in the past decade

Specific Dates Alaska & Canada:

  • Washington Dulles International Airport to Stevens Anchorage International Airport: Starts May 23rd
  • Washington Dulles International Airport to Vancouver International Airport: Starts May 2nd
  • Denver International Airport to Fairbanks, Alaska: Starts May 23rd
  • Denver International Airport to Winnipeg Richardson International Airport: Resumes May 23rd

Additional Connections:

  • Chicago O’Hare to Winnipeg and Quebec City
  • Newark to Halifax

Houston Intercontinental Route:

  • Service to Ontario, California, resumes in May

This is really exciting news that United Airlines Launches Seasonal Transatlantic Route – travelling just got easier.

Whether you’re envisioning exploring ancient ruins in Athens, marvelling at the stunning landscapes of Alaska, or treating yourself to delicious poutine in Quebec City, United Airlines has everything you need for your summer adventures. It’s time to spread your wings and embark on unforgettable journeys!

Check out this DMC in Greece for your next group trip


Epic Olympic Games Paris 2024

Epic Olympic Games Paris 2024

Epic Olympic Games Paris 2024 are about to happen and will be the bash of the century!  From July 26 to August 11, the City of Light is going to be buzzing with top athletes, jaw-dropping events, and moments that’ll have you cheering for more.

Just imagine: sprinters tearing down the Champs-Élysées, gymnasts pulling off ninja-level flips at the Grand Palais, and beach volleyball matches with the Eiffel Tower photobombing every shot. It’s like a scene from your wildest dreams, except it’s totally real, and you can be right in the middle of it all!

The Olympic Games 2024 are set to be a wild ride of sports and celebration. Athletes from every corner of the globe will compete in everything from swimming and track and field to gymnastics and basketball, all in some of Paris’s most iconic locations. It’s like the city was built for this moment!

But hold onto your berets, because the fun doesn’t stop there! Paris is gearing up to throw one massive festival. We’re talking street parties, cultural events, and celebrations that’ll have you dancing in the streets (croissant in hand, of course). Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history, explore world-famous museums, and indulge in a culinary adventure like no other. Paris is pulling out all the stops to ensure you have the time of your life.

Epic Olympic Games Paris 2024

Need a breather from all the excitement? Take a leisurely stroll along the Seine, treat yourself to some mouthwatering pastries at a cozy café, or simply soak up the atmosphere in one of the many charming squares. And when the sun sets, Paris’s nightlife comes alive with bars, clubs, and events to suit every taste.

The Olympic Games 2024 in Paris aren’t just about sports – they’re a celebration of everything that makes this city so darn magical. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just in it for the good times, Paris promises an unforgettable experience. So, mark your calendars and get ready to join the fun. The Olympics are coming to Paris, and trust us, it’s going to be epic.

So why not plan your trip to the Epic Olympic Games Paris 2024!

Lithuania aims to Host LGBTQ Pride Festival 2025

Lithuania aims to Host LGBTQ Pride Festival 2025

Lithuania aims to Host LGBTQ Pride Festival 2025. Get ready for an epic celebration as Vilnius, Lithuania’s lively capital, gears up to host the LGBTQ Pride festival from June 5-8. Over 20,000 folks are expected to join in on this colourful and inclusive bash!

“Vilnius has this awesome festive and open-minded vibe,” says Vladimir Simonko, the mastermind behind the LT Pride and founder of LGL. “We can’t wait to keep that energy going in June!”

Simonko also highlighted how Lithuania has become a sanctuary for LGBT rights activists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, underscoring the city’s dedication to equality and human rights.

“It’s pretty symbolic for Vilnius to host Pride Europe now, especially since Lithuania will take the helm of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2027. We’re also hoping to host EuroPride that same year, fingers crossed!” Simonko added.

Lithuania aims to Host LGBTQ Pride Festival 2025

This year’s LT Pride promises a fantastic lineup of events and activities. Expect to see DJs spinning tunes, dazzling drag performances, a community stage, a family-friendly area, and a conference on inclusive education.

The grand finale? A star-studded Pride concert at Vingis Park on June 8, featuring international drag sensations from RuPaul’s Drag Race like Cheddar Gorgeous, LaDiva Live, and Rita Baga. They’ll be rocking the biggest LGBT stage in the Baltic States. Don’t miss it!

This is just a taste of what Lithuania has to offer as Lithuania aims to Host LGBTQ Pride Festival 2025.

Vilnuis Lithuania

Step into Vilnius, Lithuania, where history dances with modern charm, creating a city that’s as captivating as it is quirky.

Stroll through the maze of cobblestone streets in the Old Town, a real-life fairytale with its mix of medieval and baroque architecture. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, but watch out for the occasional scooter zipping past – modern life likes to keep things interesting!

Užupis, the “Republic of Artists,” is where creativity reigns supreme. Graffiti art adorns the walls, and you might even stumble upon a street performance or two. It’s like walking through an outdoor gallery where the artists are the residents themselves.

When you need a break from sightseeing, head to Vingis Park for a dose of nature in the heart of the city. You can join the locals for a leisurely bike ride or simply relax by the river and watch the world go by.

And let’s not forget about the food – Vilnius is a culinary delight! From hearty potato dishes to mouthwatering pastries, you’ll find something to satisfy every craving. Just be sure to save room for dessert – those Lithuanian sweets are dangerously addictive.

But the real magic of Vilnius lies in its people. Warm, welcoming, and always ready for a chat, they’ll make you feel right at home. So come on over, explore to your heart’s content, and get ready to fall in love with this quirky little city that’s big on charm.

Lithuania aims to Host LGBTQ Pride Festival 2025

Check out what Lithuania has to offer 

Icelandair Expands Its Reach to Pittsburgh

Icelandair Expands Its Reach to Pittsburgh 2024

In a ground-breaking move on May 16, Icelandair unveiled its seasonal direct service connecting Pittsburgh and Iceland, solidifying Pittsburgh’s status as the sixteenth North American destination on Icelandair’s map. This announcement not only signifies an exciting milestone for Pittsburgh …opening up a treasure trove of opportunities for adventurous explorers in pursuit of fresh and exciting experiences.

With a frequency of four weekly flights running until the end of October, passengers aboard Icelandair’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft are in for an unparalleled journey. From the dynamic streets of Pittsburgh to the awe-inspiring vistas of Iceland, this route promises to serve as a channel to unforgettable adventures and indelible memories.

Icelandair Expands Its Reach to Pittsburgh

Nestled within Iceland’s captivating scenery, Keflavík beckons travellers with its picturesque position amidst the country’s stunning natural beauty. Revered as “the gateway to Iceland,” Keflavík boasts an array of charms beyond its scenic landscapes. From its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene to its lush green spaces, historic sites, outdoor adventures, and bustling events calendar, Keflavík offers an unforgettable experience for every explorer seeking enchantment in Iceland’s embrace.

Bogi Nils Bogason, the President and CEO of Icelandair, underscored the significance of this new route, underscoring the robust North American market and the burgeoning interest of US travelers in Iceland. Notably, the Pittsburgh route has already witnessed a surge in bookings, with travellers hailing from 25 European destinations eager to explore Pittsburgh, while locals are keen to jet off to 30 destinations across Europe.

With the introduction Icelandair Expands Its Reach to Pittsburgh, travellers now have a seamless connection between two dynamic locales, unlocking a realm of adventure and cultural immersion. Whether one craves the urban vibrancy of Pittsburgh or the rugged allure of Iceland, Icelandair stands poised to usher travellers into a realm of exploration and discovery. So, prepare your luggage, fasten your seatbelts, and brace yourself for an extraordinary journey with Icelandair!

Plan your next trip to Iceland

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