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December 31, 2021 – 5 travel trends to watch out for in 2022

Many trends started during Covid-19 will continue to be prominent next year as the travel industry adapts to the pandemic.

We asked travel expert Gabriella Brondani Rego to share her thoughts on some of the 2022 travel trends. 

5 travel trends to watch out for in 2022

As countries reopen to international visitors, travellers have a chance to tick bucket list countries they’ve always wanted to see.

Whether it’s a visit to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt or Maya Bay in Thailand where the famous movie The Beach was filmed, once-in-a-lifetime trips are making a comeback.

And, some travellers will also incorporate more than one destination into their itineraries.

“With travel bans and border restrictions being sprung on travellers from SA unexpectedly at a moment’s notice, people will likely plan to take those once-in-a-lifetime bucket list trips in case the opportunity does not present itself again in future. Nothing is a certainty in a time of a pandemic, so people will likely aim to tick off their bucket list where they can, while they can,” said Rego.

Short trips

“The trips offer all the benefits of a holiday but within a short time,” said Rego.

“People who take these kinds of trips may feel more comfort and confidence in booking short trips closer to home in 2022 due to the pandemic.”

Remote working and workations
The demand for work from home and remote working will grow, especially since many travellers are able to work from anywhere and at any time.

Rego said more people travelled for longer due to remote working. “With the proof that remote working has maintained and, in many instances, improved productivity levels, people now have the opportunity to stay in leisure destinations for longer as they can balance work and travel easily.

“With long-term projections of remote working becoming an option for most young people and those who want to expose themselves to different cultures and experiences across the world, they will see work and travel as inseparable and something that could be done at the same time, having the opportunity to work from anywhere is the future.”


Scared to travel to international getaways, many are shifting their focus to splurge-cations. They want to explore local attractions while immersing themselves in luxury and top amenities. Think five-star hotels or villas with spectacular landscapes.

Rego said many people would splurge on their 2022 trips.

“Whether they go on an exotic destination overseas or try new, luxury things closer to home that they may not necessarily have chosen to do before, many are not shy to spend their money.”

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Zen trips

Travellers have taken on more stress in their work and personal lives. Some people opt to avoid touristy areas in order to enjoy more mindful getaways-trips that improve their mind, body and soul. Thee trips can include spa retreats, detox and art-inspired vacays as well as healthy eating and fitness breaks.

“The pandemic has allowed people to celebrate wellness, mental and physical well- being – not just in personal life, but when it comes to travel too.

“We’ll see more people choosing travel options or destinations that provide them with a genuine wellness and well-being experience in 2022.

“Whether it’s an active outdoors holiday with a nature experience or relaxing at the beachside or by waterfalls, many are prioritising their wellness.”


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