Explore the street food markets in Marrakesh

Explore the street food markets in Marrakesh

You can find all kinds of street food day and night across Morocco – and Marrakech is no exception. Here, we explore the best street food in the city, from sandwiches and pastries to freshly squeezed juice and more exotic dishes.

It’s time to venture off in to the square, stopping at four food stalls, all personally tested and recommended by the team.

Depending on guests’ dietary preferences, they may have the opportunity to sample a traditional Marrakchi dish cooked underground on the coals that heat the hammam.

Or tuck in to a sweet-savoury dish typically consumed during Ramadan.

Try the hundred kinds of olives, taste the Marrakchi olive oil, honey…

And of course for the more daring, sheep’s tongue or cheek. If a must-try list includes snails, take a pit stop at the snail stalls and slurp back the flavourful broth.

Explore the street food markets in Marrakesh

Particularly popular in Marrakech, snails can be found everywhere in the square and marketplace Jemaa El-Fnaa. This flavoursome broth is supposed to have restorative and digestive benefits. This is almost reason enough to try it. If that weren’t tempting enough, however, these distinctive chocolate-brown snails are tender with a delicious savoury taste. What’s more, they are served in a broth bursting with flavours and spices.

The oranges found in Morocco are famous worldwide, so it’s no surprise that you can find some of the best orange juice on the streets of Marrakech. They are sourced from the countless orange trees in the limitless alleys and courtyards in the city.

You can get a full glass of this refreshing, tangy juice, perfect for recovering after a long day of exploring in the sun. Also, it’s a must when wandering through Jemaa El-Fnaa.

Originating in Fez, but also plentiful on the streets of Marrakech, b’stilla is a special pie with layers of paper-thin pastry. It is traditionally stuffed with pigeon meat, almonds, eggs and lots of fresh spices. Nowadays, you can also find this pastry stuffed with fillings such as chicken or fish.

Often eaten as a starter, b’stilla offers a combination of sweet and salty and a crisp but doughy texture. For a taste of authentic Morocco, be sure to pick up one or two of these little pastries from a street seller.

This traditional Moroccan soup can be found all year round, but it’s particularly popular during Ramadan and one of the first things eaten to break the fast. This flavoursome, golden-coloured soup is rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and sometimes noodles, with meat an occasional addition.

You can find this served in little cups or bowls out on the street, and it’s a popular option sure to please even the fussiest eaters.

Although many people may be a little repulsed by this at first, try to be open-minded and sample a popular delicacy on the streets of Marrakech. Try a mixed plate of offal, tongue, head scrapings and a bit of the rest of the sheep. The whole head costs a little bit more but makes quite a meal. While it’s not a roadside snack you’d find in Western countries, you’ll find more than one stall in Marrakech offering this delicacy.

Unusual yet delicious, sheep’s head is a definite recommendation for the more adventurous foodie.

Chebakia is a Moroccan sesame cookie, moulded into a flower-like shape and fried before it is coated with masses of syrup or honey. Extremely sweet and addictive, these delicious sugary delights are a must-try.

It’s a favourite during Ramadan, and households often produce buckets full of these treats each year. Buying some from the streets is recommended – the factory-made versions simply don’t compare.

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