Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour

Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour

Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour

Little Havana offers an insight into Miami’s rich cultural heritage with its lively streets and shops. This neighbourhood is found in the middle of the city and it always smells of coffee while Cuban music dominates everything, which could make it a dreamland for those who value culture.

What to Expect

This four hour guided tour will take you through every street corner of this iconic neighbourhood. Freshly pressed juice from exotic fruits paves way for a taste adventure. Attractive markets sell tropical fruits and traditional food representative of several generations that were influenced by Cuba.

Taste of Tradition

Iconic Cuban delights such as a classic Cuban sandwich made with spicy meats among other fillings and then grilled or pan-fried should be a must try. For example, beef empanadas are well crafted using recipes passed down from the vast family kitchens.

Cultural Icons

While in Little Havana, don’t forget to sip bold Cuban coffee as you munch on some crispy ham croquetas that symbolizes Cuba’s vibrant fast food culture. It is at Azucar where one can find this brand new experience based on Cuba’s tradition through ice cream artisanship.

Exploration Beyond Cuisine

Find yourself lost in cultural exhibitions like Domino Park where locals meet under palm trees to play dominos. Then moving on to cigar making which has been maintained over centuries by many family run small factories and visits to The Boulevard Monuments honouring Castro’s revolutionaries among others.

Highlights of Your Fantastic Little Havana Food Tour Include:

Local Marketplace Exploration, Tropical Juice Delight, Cuban Sandwich Tasting, Empanada Experience, Cuban Coffee Ritual, Delightful Croqueta, Artisanal Ice Cream, Domino Park Visit, Cigar Manufacturing Insight, Boulevard of Monuments

Book Your Culinary Journey

Check out this fantastic DMC in Florida who provides an unforgettable culinary experience in Little Havana.

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