Malta Airlines: Great New Destinations Await 2024

Malta Airlines: Great New Destinations Await 2024

Malta Airlines: Great New Destinations Await 2024

Exciting news in the world of travel! Universal Air, based in Malta, is expanding its horizons with new flights. That’s right, they’re adding more dreamy destinations to their roster, complementing their existing routes from Pecs, Hungary.

So, where can you jet off to now? Brace yourself for some incredible spots:

  • Athens (starting with a weekly dose from May 6, then revving up to twice a week from May 27)
  • Kerkyra (better known as Corfu, offering thrice-weekly flights starting June 1)
  • Ibiza (twice-weekly parties in paradise, launching May 31)
  • Palermo International (offering thrice-weekly jaunts starting May 1)
  • Munich (twice weekly)
  • And of course, the picturesque city of Pecs, Hungary (twice weekly)

But wait, there’s more! Keep an eye out because more destinations are set to be added later this year. And guess what? You’ll be cruising through the skies in comfort aboard their cozy DHC-8-Q400s.

Malta Airlines: Great New Destinations Await 2024

Malta’s very own CEO Simon Cook spilled the beans to the Times of Malta, sharing Universal Air’s confidence despite the stiff competition. They’re all about finding that sweet spot – not cutting corners like budget airlines, but still keeping fares reasonable. Simon highlighted their trusty Dash 8s, perfect for navigating those less-travelled routes with ease.

And here’s a little insider info: Universal Air isn’t just about scheduled flights anymore. No, they’re dipping their toes into the world of charters too. Starting March 26, they’ll be whisking folks away from Pecs to both Malta and Munich twice a week. And get this, they’re the sole provider of scheduled flights from that region of Hungary!

Speaking of planes, they’ve got their hands on a shiny new DHC-8-Q400, with two more on the horizon. These sleek machines are taking over from their older fleet, bringing that fresh new plane smell and a boost in efficiency. Simon explained that while their charter business was doing well, it was time for an upgrade to keep things exciting for their passengers.

And fret not, charter enthusiasts! Universal Air isn’t abandoning you. They’ll still be offering those beloved charter flights alongside their new scheduled services. This is exciting news for Malta Airlines: Great New Destinations Await 2024

Why not make the most of your trip to Malta by adding one of these exciting destinations to your itinerary? How about a jaunt to Athens this time of year? Contact for more information. 

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