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Experience Cerro Guido with Felipe Howard – Southbound DMC founder and director

“Look Felipe, towards the East, beside a square rock with lichens, below the crack, there is another puma”.

I take my binoculars and start screening the rocks with lichens, it is difficult to find the puma, which is so well camouflaged until I do see it. Part of the excitement of our excursion is feeling the emotion of watching with patience until you detect the puma.


During 5 days and 4 excellent nights, we went precisely to live the experience on the ground. We stayed at the Estancia Cerro Guido Hotel, the base for all our excursions and part of the wildlife conservation project that started here in 2019. Cerro Guido is an historic renovated mansion, nice and cosy, very comfortable with its authentic decoration from the days of the pioneers.

A Patagonian ranch which still operates as such and where, from the dining room, you have a privileged view of the Paine massif. A delicious breakfast was the start of our days of exploration. Personalized snacks kept us going during the day. We enjoyed the views to the Paine Mountain range from different perspectives, from Sierra del Toro (Bull Hill), from Condor hideouts, or the massive Sierra Baguales, which is another hidden treasure. Always enjoying sceneries with amazing colours that changed from day to day. With sunrises and sunsets with the Paine towers as a backdrop and away from the more bustling tourists tracks in Torres del Paine National Park.

Travel to Cerro Guido is not only to observe pumas; it is a complete wildlife experience as well as a cultural experience, when observing the life and work on the ranch. To be able to get to know the gauchos and listen to their stories, is a joy in itself.

It has been gratifying to take part in this experiment to achieve a healthy and long term coexistence between conserving the authentic wildlife and ranching in Patagonia.


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Going for gold by Jaapjan





Winning is everything at the 2020 Olympics Games as we’ve seen recently with scenes such as the lovely emotional outbreak of the winning Indonesian badminton mix double. 

If you missed it watch here….

However, let’s not forget that partaking is even more important than winning.

Returning to a current much debated hot topic, there is an apparent parallel with covid vaccination distribution.

Western countries are all competing to do one better than each other or being the fastest or best at the distribution of vaccines, but often don’t realize that the only solution to getting safe travel back is to convince all countries worldwide, especially developing countries, to partake in the fast vaccination distribution in equally timely manner together.  Its up to each country to support the other rather than to compete.

A side effect of this support is to surely see a reduction in the chances of new virus strains being developed.

Surely then we should be revisiting the idea of green, orange, and red lighting entire regions and countries.

I think that hospitalization occupancy should be the determining factor when it comes to these colours rather than the number of infections, and testing should be done on entry into a country instead of an automatic quarantine. If this was the case, I’d expect travel restrictions worldwide could be restored.

If we consider this more carefully, we’d all be winners and could celebrate a global success together. 

No-one wants to come second in the global race for gold!


Next month I’ll be looking at the start of Champions League season

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